Buddy System is constantly looking for volunteers to fill new roles.

Below please find the most current list of open volunteer opportunities.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

1. Community Fridges

Location: Various Locations
Commitment Level: None

Volunteers can sign up at any time to clean, organize

and stock the community fridges!

2. Wednesday Afternoon Food Rescue Team

Location: Doral & Overtown
Commitment Level: Weekly

Looking for a team of reliable volunteers to commit to picking up & dropping off rescued food every Wednesday at 3:30 PM. Car required 

3:30 PM - Pick up at BunnieCakes in Doral

4:00 PM - Drop off at a TBD location Downtown

3. Friday December 25th Food Rescue Team

Location: South Beach & Overtown
Commitment Level: One Time

Looking for volunteers who can pick up & drop off rescued food on December 25th. Car required.

6:00 PM - Pick up at Trader Joes, South Beach

7:00 PM - Drop off at Miami Rescue Mission & various community fridges

4. “Buddy” Volunteers

Location: Various
Commitment Level: Weekly

Looking for volunteers interested in picking up groceries or attending food pantries for homebound neighbors. 

Sign up with our partners at Shopping Angels:

5. Stay in the loop for future opportunities!