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Um programa de colocação voluntária para COVID-19

Here at Buddy System, we are committed to feeding and providing sustainable resources to those experiencing homelessness in our Miami Community. In partnership with Hermanos de La Calle, we hope to guide homeless individuals into shelters, eventually helping them assimilate back into societal life. Though homelessness is very complex and has many layers, with proper advocacy and community, we are able to help individuals through this journey.  We provide them with community advocates- volunteers who will check in on the individual periodically- providing them support, holding them accountable, and guiding them through this transition.

We are proud to partner with Hermanos de La Calle. “Hermanos de la Calle is a Christian faith-based non-profit organization dedicated to uplifting, supporting and rehabilitating those experiencing homelessness in Miami-Dade County. The foundation works with individuals to reintegrate them as contributing and dignified members of society. We do this by providing safe housing, mental and emotional support, access to healthcare, legal services, employment opportunities, and reconnection to family and faith.” 

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If you want to donate to our Homeless Outreach Initiative, your contributions will go directly towards supporting those transitioning out of homelessness. Three hundred fifty dollars will pay for one month’s rent at Hermanos de La Calle for one individual.

Donate to our Homeless Outreach Initiative

A Personal Story

We want to share the story of Tomas that started this initiative. We met Tomas at a food distribution, where we designated a portion of our hot foods to folks experiencing homelessness. Thomas was hit by a car, in a coma for six months, had a leg and arm reconstructed, and was bed ridden at home for another year- all while not being able to work due to his injuries. After paying rent and hospital bills, he soon ran out of savings. He had been experiencing homelessness for three months. Buddy System was able to provide him shelter at Hermanos De La Calle and support him both financially and with community advocates while he gets back on his feet. We are so proud to say Tomas has started working again and is thriving in his new environment.