Buddy system community fridge initiative

A community fridge is a refrigerator located in a public space that enables food to be shared amongst the community. Anyone can put food in and take food out! The aim is to reduce food waste and support people facing hardships by providing access to healthy, nutritious food.

Photograph by Chris Ochoa

Photograph by Leo Varona

We Launched our first community fridge in August 2020

According to the United States Census Bureau, more than one in six South Florida households are currently struggling with food insecurity. We aim to place these refrigerators in food deserts that will allow community members, local restaurants, and farms to donate healthy grocery items, helping to combat food waste, while other community members can take the food they need for free to help support their families. Our first two Buddy System Fridges are located in Overtown and Richmond Heights. We will establish a fleet of community fridges in food deserts across Miami-Dade County.

Our Goal

20 community fridges up and running by 2021

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Community Fridge #1

Our first Community Fridge is up and running in Overtown!


We're thrilled and can't wait to watch this project continue to grow. A huge thank you to team leaders Fania, Vanessa, Kelly and Jessica for all their incredible efforts!

Harba Food Store

24 hours

1003 NW 3rd Ave. Miami, FL 33136

Community Fridge #2

Our second Community Fridge is up and running in Richmond Heights!


None of this would’ve been possible without the support and unity of the community! BY the community FOR the community. Go check it out! 

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